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Established in 2019, Steamology Mobile Detailing is a locally owned and operated automotive detailer that takes its show on the road. With the ability to go anywhere, we free up your time by not making you wait in a lobby or arrange a ride to and from a shop. We can come to your home or work and you can have your time back for the more important things. A steam car wash is when a technician cleans your car’s interior and exterior with steam vapor. The cleaning industry has depended upon steam for decades because it can clean and sanitize vehicles so effectively. Steamology uses steam vapor to clean the interior and exterior of your vehicle.

We are proud to announce a new Studio location to allow you to come to us if you’d prefer. Follow us on social media for more information. Learn why steam is the ideal choice for keeping your car or boat showroom clean.

Steamology Detailing Steam Cleaner Interior
Steamology Mobile Detailing Steam Cleaning Interior Door Jams And Trim
Steamology Mobile Detailing Steam Cleaning Interior Dashboard

The Truth About Steam Detailing

Steamology uses a Chief Steamer 100 Steam Cleaner to generate steam so hot that it removes grease and other dirt without harsh chemicals or abrasive scrubbing. A steam car wash machine washes your car in less time than a traditional car wash, but it also sanitizes the inside of the vehicle. It overhauls all of the greasy parts of your engine. A pressure washer cannot reach every space, but our Chief Steamer 100 steam machine can.

Less Water, More Eco-Friendly

Our steam car wash machine only needs one gallon of water to generate enough steam to thoroughly clean your car. Only the smallest amount of water will run off. In addition, dry vapor steam is capable of sanitizing your vehicle without chemicals, so no harmful residue slides off of your vehicle and down the storm drains.

Unrestricted Mobility

With our Chief Steamer 100 Steam Cleaner, we’re able to take our show on the road with our mobile detailing services. We can wash and detail your vehicle wherever you happen to be without generating lots of waste water. Whether having your car cleaned in your driveway, at a country club, in a gated community, in a parking structure or at an office park, our steam detailing machine is so efficient that it can wash your vehicle without spraying any of the surrounding vehicles.

Interior Steam Detailing

Mobile Auto Detailing Using Steam Tools Steamology
The Chief Steamer 100 Steam Cleaner will rehydrate, condition and restore your leather. If the fabric is sensitive to water, the machine will do an excellent job on it. Suede and Alcantara can be safely cleaned with the Chief Steamer 100 steam car wash machine because the steam that the machine produces has a very low water content level. Because of this, the surfaces will stay dry.
Steam detailing leaves behind a clean, streak-free window, something chemical products can’t achieve. It is also safe for people to use and safe to apply to tinted windows. We apply the steam using a steam gun, then wipe the surface with a microfiber cloth.
Our Chief Steamer 100 Steam Cleaner applies high steam pressure to the door jambs and the trims. The heat causes the sticky residue to become dislodged, and the pressure blows the dirt and grease away. Then, we use a microfiber cloth to wipe the surfaces down.
We wrap our steam gun with a microfiber cloth so that we can steam clean and remove stains, oil, and dirt from consoles, dashboards, window switches, speaker grills and armrests. Dirt and residue is easily removed from these areas using steam on the lowest pressure setting.
According to various allergy associations, you must use steam to remove allergens and dust mites if you want to do it in the most efficient manner. The Chief Steamer 100 Steam Cleaner gives each vent a strong burst of steam that produces enough heat and pressure to remove pathogens, dust, and dirt.
The Chief Steamer 100 Steam Machine will eliminate odors and dirt in your car mats and carpet, but the bristles will also lift the carpet’s fibers so they look newer. After the steam clean is complete, the carpet only needs a couple of minutes to dry. We follow the steam clean with a professional vacuuming, ensuring no dirt or residue is left behind. Salt can get into your vehicle during the winter months, but the Chief Steamer 100 Steam Cleaner can ensure that it dissolves. We’ll eliminate salt rocks using steam and a detailing brush, getting your car mats and carpet back to their original look and smell.

Exterior Steam Detailing

Steamology Mobile Detailing Steam Cleaning Auto Exterior
The surface of your vehicle is full of pores and valleys, and these pores and valleys can trap dirt and wax. After some time has passed, this trapped dirt and wax makes your car’s paint look faded and dull. Unlike a traditional power washer, our Chief Steamer 100 Steam Cleaner can remove the dirt and wax from the pores and valleys and restore your car to a fresh-off-the-lot look.

Tree sap often drips onto vehicles when they are parked on the street. It is onerously difficult to remove. Steam can do this easily when you use a steam gun and a microfiber cloth.  

Diesel fuel is notorious for building up on a car’s exterior, but steam can easily lift exhaust off of the car. 

Rims, brakes, and wheels become covered with brake dust. Steam is an efficient and powerful alternative to chemicals or acid. 

Your car’s engine may be coated with several substances, including grease, oil, carbon and dust. But in just a few minutes, the Chief Steamer 100 Steam Cleaner can make your engine appear just like new. 

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